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    It's a way of telling the build date through numbers 6 through 8 of the serial number. Not as easy as ##786# but it does work. It's an old trick from the palm PDA days.
    So then when would my build date be (B69)?
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    My is falling apart build date 05/20/2009 this is my second phone the first one was rock solid I did an up date with out removing the themes and the usb stop working.I got this one a month ago,when you pres the center button you can see the rainbow color display on the top part of the phone like if you where pressing real hard at the screen.The responsiveness of the screen is suck, two screws came out from the inside,the oreo effect is flawless.

    I have a thread about that with pics.
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    so then when would my build date be (b69)?
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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