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    Hey guys,

    I was having some problems with my first Pre's speaker so I went to get it exchanged. I live in Canada and because of that I am with Bell.

    I went to exchange it a day before my 30 days of warrenty were up. I brought it to the store and without even looking at the phone they ordered me a new one.

    This took about a month and a week to come to fruitation. It arrived today.

    I went there to go pick it up. After activating it the first thing I did was grab it and check for the Oreo twist. Of course, as my luck would have it, the phones slider is loose. The top wiggles just like the bottom does.

    I wiggled it a few times and said hey *** is this! She tried it and shrugged. I said that's not normal and we got my old phone out to give it a wiggle. My old one didn't have that effect and so they ordered me a second phone. Now I wait. =\

    what I wanted to talk about was the new design the Pre has. This isnt the same build as the originals that were launched with Bell. I've noticed a few differences.

    Firstly, the most obvious is the LED ball at the bottom center.

    This used to be a poorly chosen pearl colour. Now? It seems they changed it to a nicer looking silver.

    The rails feel slightly different but that might just be from a lack of dust and usage.

    Also, the power button was redesigned slightly. I noticed it was easier to click and everything.

    Do all these new phones have an oreo twist at the top as well as bottom? Is this just the Pre's redux fate? What's going on heeere.

    BTW --

    This isn't a hate on Palm. I love my phone and WebOS. Palm is awesome and they have handled my exchange thingy well. <333
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    ohh yeah ... the keyboard isnt as squishy either.
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    Pictures please?

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