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    Unbelievable fellow Palm Pre'ers. I got a bill that said I had sent 3300 sms in one month. My contract provides 3000 free sms. I never, ever exceed 1600sms/month. So I called my provider. They said they had recorded 3300 sms. So then I started thinking that Palm Pre divides the message wrongly and guess what it turned out to be the case. I sent a test sms with 216 characters, the send icon showed that amounted to 4 seperate sms messages. Woot?? One sms is supposed to be 160 characters not 54 characters. Its silly. I asked how it was for others on twitter and they confirmed palm pre has a totally failed sms/character count. So instead of sending 216 character as 2 sms palm pre sends them like 4 separate. That needs to be fixed now. By doubling my sms palm has cost my 300 swedish krona ($42.45).

    Could you guys check how your pre counts number of sms. It is in the transition from sms nr.2 to 3 and so on that its made to early. Quote from a pre user in Twitter (among others): "Mine counts up from 2 to 3 sms at 309 characters (instead of at 320) You are correct. There is a #fail"
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    I just test this on my Pre on Sprint here in the U.S. I sent a 170 character SMS. Obviously it split it in two. It added a "(1 of 2) " onto the front of the first message, and a "(2 of 2) " onto the front of the second message. Therefore it took an extra 18 characters for sending the two messages because of the extra texts it puts in. But in this in now way approaches what you are seeing.
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    Note that unicode characters take up two bytes, which is probably why your Pre is splitting it up to 80 'characters' instead of 160.

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