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    Does anyone have any information on the Otterbox tandem that will be for the Pre. When it will be available, will it work with the touchstone, etc...??

    Just curious if anyone has any inside information. Thanks!
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    I'm interested in this also, but have been unable to find anything. It would be very interested in touchstone compatibility.

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    hope its not over priced like all the other Otterbox stuff
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    they do have a place on their site that you can join a mailing list for announcements:
    Announcing A New Case Series //
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    They'll likely try to charge over $40 for a $25 case (which would not be "overpriced" for them, but will be overpriced for "us")
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    I've bought several otterboxes in the past and they have awesome waterproof/shockproof protection. In this instance I don't feel it will be neither. It doesn't appear to offer either water or shock protection. Just seems to be a thick version of the innocase by seidio. I woudnt waste my money on it.

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