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    So a couple of days ago my Pre fell out of my bag in the parking lot on a very cold day. He took a couple of bounces, and the on-off switch now has a lovely dent in the middle of it. Fortunately he was in the slim leather pouch (which got a bit scuffed) so that was the main damage.

    The switch works...mostly. Sometimes I have to hit it a couple of times and push very hard to get the phone to turn on or off. Also, when I hold it by that corner, there is some creaking. Otherwise, everything is fine.

    I have TEP so I can get a refurb phone for the $100 deductible. I have no objection to paying a deductible, but don't know if I would be better off. I got my Pre on day one and while there is a tiny bit of Oreo-ish play--really I'd just call it a little loose than a real Oreo problem--to me that is minor. The ringer thing could get to be a pain, though. I've been really happy with the phone until the accident, and I'm still not unhappy with it.

    If the Pre Plus or something else WebOSy and interesting is available this summer, I plan to upgrade as I am Sprint Premier. Is it worth it to try the refurb in the meantime? I might actually end up with a better quality device, from what I'm hearing, but at the same time I might end up getting something worse. What has your experience been with refurb units?
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    Well when you get a replacement phone I think they are all refurbs. Im on my 4th Pre and they have all had little problems with them. But why do you have to pay 100 dollars for a new phone. Shouldnt it be like 50? I mean you could just add a line or something it would be cheaper . IDK just a thought.
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    You can take it to Sprint and see if they'll replace it under TEP without having to go through Assurion. It's up to the rep at the store, you might get lucky.

    If they say it's physical damage, go ahead and pay the deductible if the button is giving you problems. Chances are it will get worse as you go along.
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    call sprint say "lost " your phone then they send you new for 100 and you can keep ur old did it with 3 instincts goodluck
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    Same thing happend to me after it inadvertanly fell except that mine started cracking by the USB charging door! I didn't have the insurance but I still got it replaced...for free! Appearently cracks from the USB door aren't too rare, that is, they've been known to happpen. I say take it in, since you already have TEP, you should be ok. I would also suggest that you invest in a screen protector and/or a carring case. Good luck.
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    see if your time is correct. Compare it to an online time site (if you google "what time is it") & look for the navy one, that's a good one. Now if your time is incorrect_ take it to a sprint store and tell them you have tried doctoring it to fix time issue but it didn't work. They will repalce it.
    I dropped mine and cracked the screen, it wasn't very noticeable but they replaced my pre due to the time issue. A lot of people report the time is wrong. If you reboot phone or turn on/off airplane mode, this temporarily fixs the time but then it drifts again. My new pre still has the same time drift problem. Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by sloppyjm View Post
    call sprint say "lost " your phone then they send you new for 100 and you can keep ur old did it with 3 instincts goodluck
    Thats insurance fraud and probably why we have to pay $100 instead of $50 for a replacement phone nowadays.
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    Mine did the same thing - my new Pre was just that - a new one - not a refurb!
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    I already went into the Sprint store and told them I dropped it, so insurance fraud is out of the question, even were I inclined to engage in it. From a purely pragmatic, what's-in-it-for-me point of view: what do I do for a phone during the time my phone is allegedly "lost"? It's the only phone I have, and I need it.

    My question really is: is it worth it to trade in for a refurb unit, or should I stick with the devil I know? I'm leaning towards that right now, especially since I'm hoping to upgrade to something more advanced in the summer. But I was hoping to get the point of view of some users who have traded in for a refurb unit for whatever reason.

    @PapaNoHair: that's what I was hoping for, but the guy in the Sprint store pretty much told me it would be a "remanufactured" unit. If I could be assured it was new, I'd trade it in immediately.
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    That wait was hard for me also but it was only one day. They overnighted the new one to me. Took a little while to set it back up but not that bad. The contacts downloaded immediately (and the calendar, etc - everything concerned with Google) and the phone part of it was back in action almost immediately. Tweaking it took a couple of days.
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    if you can afford 100 dollars, make the claim.

    when the replacement arrives, check it out. if it's up to your standards, keep it. if it's not, request another one.

    we aren't you. we aren't in your financial situation. we don't have to live with your phone.

    if you want to buy into all the sky is falling negativity about people's past experiences here, then you'll never be happy with any replacement they would send you.
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    If I dropped my Pre and it was damaged I'd file the claim. Why spend the money on insurance if you aren't going to use it?

    Sprint insurance isn't like State Farm, who, is the best at invoking fear into the policy holders. You sign up for State Farm insurance (home owners) only to have their reps tell you that all your paying for is "piece of mind" and the minute you file a claim State Farm will drop you.

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