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    well.. my issue is that my phone wont send a text message to my girlfriends number.. it shows as sent.. in my phone.. i got the most recent updated.. have even deleted her profile.. and even just typed in her phone number without her contact in my phone..

    she has ATT, and has called ATT, and they verified that its not on their end.. and that my number is not blocked.. i went to sprint.. they gave me a new phone.. and it still does the same thing..

    Is there anything in the Palm profile that would block her number?? i can get text from her.. but she dont get my replies.. i can call her.. she can call me.. just no text..

    i also sent her text messages from the phones in the sprint store.. just to see if they worked.. and she got the messages from thos phones..
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    ...Weird. Can think of how this could happen. My best guess is it could be a patch you don't remember installing, but there isn't a patch for that (yet). Try running EPR and see if that helps. The only things that will follow you to your second Pre is you Palm Profile, apps, and patches you love. It must be a patch gone wrong or a corrupt contact in you Palm Profile.
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    turns out its her phone.. dont know why.. she put her sim card in a different att phone.. and it worked.. so.. sorry for the rant.. can i delete a whole thread?
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    A pre on AT&T? ***???
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    A pre on AT&T? ***???
    no.. my pre to her phone..
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    Maybe your pre is jealous that you are paying more attention to your GF than your phone, so it wont let you txt her. I suggest taking your phone on a nice romantic date to show it you still care. Maybe to trade show.
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    hahahah.. good one.. turns out its her phone.. i think she may have to take her phone to a trade show.. lol

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