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    Ok so here's the dealio:

    I'm a Canadian using Bell mobility so I can't use the "official" App Catalog

    When I use the "App Catalog" app I can go in and install apps no probs.

    When I use pre-ware and go into the homebrew apps I can install apps no probs.

    The trouble arises when I use PREWARE and through preware go into the "App Catalog" section --- I can't install these why not ? Is this because I'm in Canada ? Because alot of the apps I see in there are NOT on my "App Catalog" official app listing ... alot seem new

    here is the error code:

    "An error occured, return value: 22
    ipkg_download: ERROR: Command failed with return value 2: 'wget -passive-ftp -q -P /tmp/ipkg-ZB8YMs'
    failed to download com.spyderspeak.mygps perhaps you need to run 'ipkg update'?
    Collected errors:
    sh: syntax error "(" unexpected

    ErrorGenericMethodException: failed during "install" operation

    I have a suspicion that the AppCatalog section of Preware won't work for Canadians?

    and I checked and I have the Package Manager Service.

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    ok so i updated to the latest preware (0.9.16) and now the AppCatalog feed is GONE

    why is this ?????????
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    I actually had the same problem. Apps only downloaded from PreWare. I ended up having to use WebOS Dr and resetting my Pre to factory settings. Works great now, just lost my preware .
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    Having the same issue...can't download anything from App Catalog. Each downlaod attempt ends in 'install failed'. I can only suspect the Package Manage Service is the issue after I updated that file. I un-installed it - then re-installed - still no luck.
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    Just do the Webos dr. it sucks but it works.
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    use the emergency migration tool via preware

    only way to fix it

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