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    Hi, srry but im a newby..

    just like to know if there are some apps not available in the uk whereas u can only get in if your in us?

    not sure but i heard 3D gaming for pre is now available after the update..and i dont know how to get them or atleast how to buy apps..

    info: I live in uk atm, running web os 1.3.5, and using o2 sim
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    The full app catalogue isn't available to the UK until March.

    So us Europeans have to content ourselves with the free apps for the timebeing, of which i believe there are just over 250 or so.

    In the meantime welcome to this crazy forum and enjoy your palm pre. It's not the finished article just yet but it's getting there.

    Bring on webOS 1.4..... Flash!! Aha, saviour of the universe.!!

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