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    Sorry if this has already posted. but I was wondering since there are so many negative threads on the forums in the last few days, is there anyone liking the pre the longer you use it?

    I know I am.

    When I first bought it about two months ago I was enjoying playing with it and found the webOS easy to use. After having it about 2 days I moved on to adding preware, which took the phone to a whole new level for me, in making me feel more like I could create a phone just for me with all the patches, themes etc. (thanks devs for all the hard work on these things)

    I was a little worried about the whole oreo effect, but after doing the push and slide trick I haven't had any issues with my phone at all. I just try to usually use both hands to slide the phone up and down. now some might complain about that, but I think for those that do, maybe we are just getting to lazy. I rarely open it though anyway thanks to the VK and being able to use it in landscape mode in most of the phone. I am still thankful though for the physical keyboard for long typing sessions and think Pre should keep that considered in future products.

    I guess the thing that I have enjoyed so much is that it seems like I've reached a point on the phone where I really don't have to think about everything. Every aspect of the phone has become second nature to me. And it seems like every few days I discover something new or do something that makes me go huh that's neat.

    There are things I thought I really might not use, that I find myself using constantly. A good example is the memos. I thought it looked cool when I first got it, but didn't really use it. Now within the last week I have used that application like 10 times because I just needed to hold onto someones email for the day or needed someons names. Also I find myself extremely satisfied with how easy the calendar is to use based upon many other phones I have used. So easily just slide right or left to go to the next/previous day.

    And just like Jon has stated at CES and in many interviews, the simplest action that we can do is probably the most fun and that is swiping the cards up to quit running the application. I think if I were to move to another phone now I would begin to go insane not being able to do that swipe motion. It has just become an aspect of my life.

    The last thing and this isn't a bash towards anyone else with other phones, but what I like about the pre is there is a consistency and I think that is where Pre has got it right (and I think some of that might come from Jon working at apple, and I'm not a ****** by any means, just stating the reality there is a consistency in the fact that all the hardware is there own so usually the fix for one macbook pro is the same for every macbook pro).

    A few of my friends own android based phones and they have all kinds of widgets and stuff which look really cool, but the problem is they are all the time downloading apps that don't work, look or act right on there phone because there is so many variations of phones and versions of the android OS that there's no consistency.

    My point is that when one of them has an issue with there phone usually the other can't say I had that same problem, because they might have the same droidOS but it is a different version and there phone has completely different hardware, so it's usually a different fix for them.

    Like I said I like some of the things they have and I'm not bashing but there is a lack of consistency and that's why I think Palm has the heads up.

    When I have a problem with my palm pre or my wifes pixi (which really hasn't happen, more just trying to figure out how to do something), I look it up on the forums and there is almost always just one or maybe two answers and they always work. Why is that? Because there is a consistency of offering the same product, with near identical specs (other than a few that don't have too much effect) with the same updates of the webOS at all times.

    Lastly every update I have seen improvement and I truly believe that the update to 1.4 is gonna change everything even more. I know some have complained about battery in some updates and I saw a drop in the last two updates, but it was only for about 3-4 days, then there was an improvement in battery.

    So anyway I just wanted to state I have proudly owned my Pre for about 2 months now and I love it more and more every single day.

    Thank you Palm for giving us a great device and continuously working hard to make it better.
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    I have to agree, while I'm not a true "Launch Day" user - I activated on 6/22 - I have had my Pre since pretty much the beginning.

    I was enjoying my phone quite a lot even before I found this forum (nearly 4 months later), and now thanks to homebrew and patches, I love it even more. I am really excited for Flash, and to a lesser extent, Video... and I can't wait to see what the amazing DEVs we have will be able to do with the PDK.
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    I waited outside radioshack for 10 min on launch day for my Pre.

    there is a bit oreo, but not annoying me at all, I had no exchange, still on my original Pre.

    I would not comment on variations of android army, I do appreciate the openness it brings.

    I have 4 batteries (2 from my centro), I have 2 in my pocket all the time, no matter how I use my Pre, battery has never been an issue on my mind.

    multitasking and universal search, IM, synergy are all great.

    it's such a modern device, I couldn't imagine leaving it for something like iphone who is major step back IMHO. I would not comment on android since I have zero experience with it.
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    I wasnt a launch day pre owner either. I got mine in October but with each new update i am more and more impressed by it. With 1.4 just around the corner bringing video recording and flash, the pre is really one of the best phones out there.
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    I got the Pre shortly after launch, and then had some issues and switched to a BB Tour, and then an HTC Hero (BB Tour was a replacement for the Pre before the 30 days were up).

    After going through three different OS' in about 6 months, I came back to the Pre. I used to have a Palm m505, and then a Tungsten, and the Treo 500 and 600 models.

    Palm continues to make products that simply work. Of course there have been issues with the Pre. It is a brand new device and OS. Blackberry has a great OS, very stable, and look at all the problems they had with the Storm.

    I had a Pre, left, and came back. And I do not regret that at all.
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    I don't love the build quality on my Pre.

    But I love:
    WebOS - card system is wicked, I love the ease that I can be on the phone, answer a text or google something
    Camera - great quality. And now we have video recording coming
    Keyboard - Maybe I'm in the minority or have tiny fingers.

    I don't love the slider form factor..its okay. Not my favorite. I think it makes the Pre look like less of a smartphone than it should. If we could get a Treo Pro with WebOS...that would be wicked
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    I've had mine since 8/11 and I was very pleased with it then and I love it now. I've done every patch (rooted, webosqi, preware) changed themes without any problems and I just have basic computer skills, I've learned a lot in this forum. I still can't fathom the idea of people exchanging their phone 4, 5, 6 times. I can't wait for 1.4 next month.
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    Of course I do. The longer I own it, the more updates come out and just make the Pre feel more awesome than it was before
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    +1 I definately love my Pre more everyday, especially when I pick up any other kind of phone as pushing buttons now feels so pre-historic. Love my gesture area.
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    i've had mine since october and am so with you on the more love each day thing. that all went through the roof after finding this site, and preware. as soon as i was able to tailor my phone to the way i want it to work, i was (and have been since then) in bliss. webos is amazing. i really feel like any other OS i've ever used is just not on par.

    say you like bud golden wheat beer (average phone), then you try blue moon (smartphone) and it's awesome. then you discover hacker pschorr (iPhone/droid), and are like "hell yeah!" then you have this amazing "homebrewed" belgian wheat made of pure deliciouness just for you (the pre, of course). that's how i feel about phones right now.

    and now i want a beer. or five.
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    Ditto.. I got my Pre in October and have been loving it more and more every week. Seriously the best phone and OS I have ever used. And now with the 1.4 update coming, it's even better!

    But now I'm really thirsty after reading igobytony's post!
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    Got my Pre back in July. The loved the WebOS more each day, but the slider, small screen and keyboard irritate me the more I use it. The one hardware aspect that really love is the Touchstone.
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    played around with a itouch and wasn't impressed.
    i kept on trying to use gestures and got so frustrated
    it was like going from a 40" HD widescreen plasma TV to a 60" crt
    just can't go backward in technology
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    I love my PRE!!!! I can't imagine ever going to another phone. I got mine the day MJ died, 6/25. I have always been a treo fan, but this blows the treo out of the water. I had a text message that I got using the treo (wap) & I had to change my number (unwanted calls & a new google number) but the text wouldn't go to the PRE. I had to reenable my treo755 again, for a day. Got the text message back but I was stuck with the treo for 24hrs. I kept looking at the PRE wishing I could use it. I was sooooo happy to use it again the next day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vza33 View Post
    +1 I definately love my Pre more everyday, especially when I pick up any other kind of phone as pushing buttons now feels so pre-historic. Love my gesture area. :D

    I pulled out my old samsung flip phone yesterday to double check a contact's number and realized I barely remember how to use it :o
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    Same here. I did not get mine on launch date but shortly there after. At first I was a little disappointed with the original phone and the lack of basic functions (like text forwarding). But several upgrades later and with the addition of Preware, my phone is completely different from the one I originally purchased. I just can't wait for the next upgrade! It is like I get periodic surprises and presents from Palm and the Homebrew crew.
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    I love this phone. I've owned 8 or 9 different phones, my previous favorites being the HTC Tilt and Centro, and none of them come close to this one. I use it all the time. I've owned an iPod Touch, and I don't like its interface the way I like WebOS's, so I can imagine I'd probably take a Pre over an iPhone, as well. My main gripe is the build quality. Got the oreo effect on my first Pre, my second one the screen froze up, and when they sent me a refurbed third one, there was an obvious patch job on a chip on the top of it. But I doubt I can get a new Pre just because of that, so I'm sticking with the chipped one. Still love it.
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    Every day I love this phone even more, and every day my verizon loving family is looking forward to the pre release on big red.

    The biggest problem with the phone is that you have to use it for a day to completely fall in love with it. Playing with it at the store just isn't the same!

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