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    Phone Arena rumor 149.99 after $100 rebate for Pre Plus and $99.99 for Pixi after rebate, both with contracts. Article labels this as "rumor" from "anonymous tipster" and asks for confirmation:

    Link here: Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to cost $150 and $100 respectively (Phone Arena News)
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    Sounds about right to me. I was expecting $149.99/$79.99
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    Man I hope that is true, I will be picking it up regardless but it would be nice to pay that price.
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    Looking to get one with no contract. I'm thinking it will be around 550. Anyone have any info on the no contract price.
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    I think the increase of Verizon's ETF ($350 for smartphones) is preparing them to offer their Pre/Pixi's for the around the same price as Sprint. These are (once again) unsubstantiated/unconfirmed rumors, but the price range makes sense. The one users expectation that the pixi should be priced @ $79 makes more sense to me. If they ever get an iPhone, it would likely sell for $199. (All with 2 year contracts.)
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    I'm thinking they'll price the phones lower than sprint. The increased monthly plans for verizon allow them to do so. And prices of phones seem to have more marketing impact than the plans themselves...
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    Im on Verizon and looking to get the Pre Plus, if anyone else has Verizon here many will know that if you buy phones online you get a hundred dollar discount. Does anyone think it'll be the same for these phones? I was going to get the droid eris because it was 200 dollars....then minus the 100 dollar discount and 100 dollar new every two discount it would be free. Im wondering if i will be able to get the Pre Plus for free too.
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    read somewhere that new every 2 has been downgraded from $100 (to $70? to $50?) for "some" plans and that customers will have to speak to customer service to find out if theirs has been downgraded. I have a friend checking now about his account.
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    Getting mixed messages from stores about release date.
    Stopped into one store who called their warehouse and the warehouse said the "release date" was Feb 1st. This warehouse ships to about 15 stores (and apparently is not receiving phones until Feb 1st according to their records). Store manager did not know about the Pre until I asked about it.

    Another store said they were getting between 5-10 phones on Jan 25th, as that is what they usually get of the new phones.

    Neither store could confirm pricing details.

    Also heard from a friend who stopped into a store and was told he would have no trouble getting a phone as this is not the "iphone."

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