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    Hi guys, being an htc hero and a pre owner, I can tell u that I enjoy the best of both worlds but something keeps bugging. On one hand, with the hero, you have so many useful apps that u barely have time to explore all of them, then on the other hand, there is nothing interesting on the pre, really. The app that I miss the most on the pre is an app called LUK Luk that allows you to stream free movies, cartoons and tv series straight from the hero. Boy, that app is the shizzle ! I cant understand why no developer thought of creating the same app for the pre. An app like that on the pre would make the phone 10 times better. So my question to you is :
    1- Can anyone create an app like that for us
    2- How come it has not been done yet? Is there any limitation on the things developers can do on webos ?
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    Wow precentral ppl... It has been two weeks n still no answer but 108 views? Can you tell tell that I am disappointed...
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    You might consider posting this in the correct forum for replies by those who work on the software and patches.
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    I can answer

    Can someone create app similar to "luk luk" ?

    I don't know

    I don't know

    I don't know

    ..... well... you got your answer and a couple more :P happy ??? i hope you are I am... with a little headache... but bereable... (or however you write that word xD)

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