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    I got my pre back in june when it debuted. it's been fine thus far, with minor problems that i've been able to remedy. But it froze yesterday when i was trying to access an application, and now i can't access anything beyond what's on the initial launcher page. I can't scroll over to where the app catalog is located, or scroll to where device info is located. i have no idea why this happened. please, any help would be most welcome.
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    i have been having the same problem.. i just keep restarting my phone and pulling the battery out till i can get them back.. im having the problem as i write this.. wat im gonna do is move all my apps to the first launcher page so i dont have this problem anymore..u should do the same cuz its gonna keep happening. it happens to me daily now..i think it cuz i have so many apps.. over 150 apps
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    This has happened to me several times as well. I've been solving it by plugging my charger in and then removing it. That seems to fix it for a little while.

    I have no clue as to what may be causing it.
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    this happened to me as well. And this morning, I awoke to a barely powered Pre, and I charge it over night every single night. Another thing I noticed is that my indicator light was blinking so naturally I thought I had a notice or aomething. I tapped the power button and the phone resetted. What's up w/ that!?
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    It happened to me yesterday for the first time. And while that was happening, Universal Search was also disabled. If I started typing anything, the launcher page would come up.

    I used Orange+Sym+R to restart the Pre, but the problem persisted. After another restart, everything was back to normal.
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    i've tried all of these things. i've even removed all patches. i really don't want run web OS doctor right now, since 1.4 should be out fairly soon anyways. it's just very annoying that I can't access so many functions et al. on my phone including the app catalog, google maps, youtube, everything that's not located on the first launcher page.

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