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    My brother and I have both own Pres and have the WebOS I never noticed it before,but my brother said that he used to be able to use the internet to search for movie times and such while talking to someone on the phone. We both checked our phones and when we start a call, the EV disappears. When we hang up the call the EV jumps right back on. Is it true that our phones should be able to do data and phone at the same time? If so, why don't our phones do that anymore? We have installed patches, could that be it? Do we need to doctor our phones?

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    If you're on a CDMA network in North America like Sprint then you do not have a data connection while on a call UNLESS you're connected to a wireless network. If you're GSM in Europe then you can have a data connection on a call, but I wouldn't know the problem since I'm Sprint in North America.
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    Please read this other thread from today:

    Essentially, if you are on Sprint, you cant do data and voice at the same time unless you are on a wifi connection.
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    No, it's because you're on Sprint. CDMA networks cannot do 3G Data and Voice at the same time. The commercials about Verizon are true.
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    I knew it, thanks for the quick reply guys! Love this forum!

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