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    I tried searching, but didn't find anything useful..

    I'm looking for a way to easily and unconditionally turn off ALL sounds coming from the Pre. I know the switch on the top turn off all system sounds like ringer and messaging alert, etc.. but music, video and game sounds still play out loud.

    Coming from the Treo, this was a very useful feature I've come to depend on and I still, after a few months, overlook the fact that the switch doesn't actually turn off ALL audio. Every few days I play something on accident at work when I forget to plug in my headphones. I'm just lucky that there hasn't been any obscenity played out loud in the office.

    Is there an app or a patch that would help me accomplish this? I'm guessing it would have to be a patch and not simply an app.. Any thoughts? Any Developer willing to take this on?
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    There is a patch. 'Really Silence Mute Switch'. It's up in Preware.
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    For some reason it won't install.. Hunk#1 FAILED at 2891

    Tried removing Preware and Pkg Manager Service and reinstalling, but still no go. I've paired down my patches to only:
    - 44 Icons v2
    - Hide Nascar
    - Hide NFL

    On a Side Note, I can't install the No Auto-Off While Charging patch either.. giving me a Hunk #2 Failed at 1554 error.

    Some of the patches install just fine though..

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