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    If you think that's bad, check out this post:

    Oh no... big mistake (pre in water = dinner)
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    ok other than losing bookmarks. so far its been working completely normal for 8 hours. even downloaded need for speed today
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    Quote Originally Posted by prefanatic View Post
    well i turned it on. i had to due some sort of weird restart and then it was acting glitchy for a bit but now its acting kind of normal.
    You turned it on already? Dang dude. Your screen isn't messed up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudementry View Post
    You turned it on already? Dang dude. Your screen isn't messed up?
    nope. i could describe the story of what happened but its a long type. let me see if can shorten it.

    i was playing tennis and put the phone on the outside of the court. Then the sprinklers turn on and soak it. i dry it though and everything seems. then my bro tells me to put the phone at the pole of the net on the OTHER side of the court away from the sprinklers. then like if the devil guided the water himself. the water forms a stream while we are playing and flows across the court and exactly under the net and once it hit my phone it just stops and forms a puddle. we didnt notice because the water flowed exactly under the net. so it was hard to see. by the time we noticed the puddle of water. the pre was partially submerged. the phone was lit up from a text. i yanked the battery and looked inside and saw no traces of water. i put the battery and pre inside my pocket and the cover in the other pocket. somehow while walking back home. the battery reinserted itself back into my pre and turned on!!!!! i took my phone out of my pocket like ***. then it start glitching and thats when i made this thread. This is how it really happened. too crazy to believe.

    but hey its still working lol.
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    Sorry to hear that
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    Sorry you had that bad luck.

    I've also heard you shouldn't try to press any button and put directly into the rice, don't touch anything, directly intro the rice asap

    Silica also works great
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    i dropped my pre on concrete last night. no case. just an screen protector. no scratches or cracks. so on the span of three days, its been soaked by water twice and dropped and is still working just as fine as before. this should be a poster story for palm lol
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    take it back to sprint. thats what i did. there isn't any color changing stickers in the pre for them to prove you got it wet. I dropped mine in the dogs water bowl, got ****ed and i chucked in into the wall, went to bed, got up went to sprint came back the next day and got my new phone.
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