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    Is anyone else having this problem. I was late for school today because my alarm clocks, which I've had set since I got the phone, were gone. It also happened the other day but I thought it was something I'd done, and didn't pay much attention to it!

    Any Help????
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    you are not the only one. It happened a couple of nights ago. It's almost like the alarms are hidden. Just hit the add button and they will show up one by one
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    yes, my friend who has a pre keeps complaining about this as well. glad its a common problem so hopefully Palm fixes it
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    same thing has happened to me two nights in a row now.. and the weird part is that i was looking at all my alarms this morning, then when i got outta the shower, they were all gone... doubleyou.tee.eff??
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    Good to know this isn't just happening to my Pre!

    I'm sure it'll get fixed in the next update.
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    Is anyone running the "jump straight to alarm screen patch"??
    Maybe that has something to do with it?? I was running that one, but took it off to see if it resolves the problem.
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    no patch here
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    Anyone else have any idea how to fix this issue?? Ive never ran a webos doctor, and maybe its just that time for me..
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    The same thing happens to me. I have about 5 alarms set up for different times/days. Every week or so, I'll notice that they're all gone. If I hit the plus button, one will show up, but not the rest. Does anyone have a fix for this?
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    A similar problem happened to me using the Timepiece app. Late last night before I went to bed, I opened up the program and it looked like it had been restored to default settings. Not only were all my alarms gone, but my changes to the clock style and the brightness has disappeared too. Thankfully, I was able to restore the alarms by repeatedly pressing the plus button. Hopefully a similar trick will work for you.

    Edit: Check the most recent pages of the Timepiece thread for further information:
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    TimePiece. Great alarm clock replacement and looks great too.
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    it is also happening to me, I rencently installed the patch for a SMS tone per contact and now that I think about it, ever since this has been happening. I am going to remove the patch and see what happens.
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    I noticed when I reboot my phone, I loose the alarm, have to reset it.
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    My alarms are all still there, meaning that if I had 5 alarms, there will still be 5 there. The problem is that they all reset to 12:00AM and lose their individual names.
    It seem to happen after a reset, but I haven't really tested it.

    If anyone has a suggestion for a free alarm app (stuck with the euro catalog & preware) that actually remembers things, it would be a start until all these issues get fixed. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, but given 02's speed at releasing, I doubt it.
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    I have both the Open to Alarm Screen and SMS Tones per Contact patches and am having no issues with my alarms. Hope this helps eliminate possible sources of the issue. I also run Zinge's daily reboot, so that's not affecting mine, either.
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    im having this problem too, it just started a few days ago, i have no clue why. the only new app i got is reboot scheduler.. idk

    this may have something to do with palm backup manager.

    personally i use google for contacts and calender so i disabled it.
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    And here I thought I was the only one... Mine all stay in the alarm list, but every so often they reset to 2:00PM. Sometimes not even all of them, sometimes one or two, sometimes as many as six of them... Don't ask why I have six alarms. lol I just wonder, why the random pick of alarms, and why 2:00PM?
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    i think it might just be random. I doctored my phone the other day, and then somehow a couple of days later, all my alarms were set to 8am.

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