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    I know Precentral sometimes reported on some of the PRE sightings on TV and I see it now an then on shows like Heros, etc. The other day I was watching a recorded copy of Science of the Movies on the Discovery Channel and although the host Nar Williams has never shown he has a PRE, I have to assume he does and he is into homebrew. In one of the scenes in the show Nar had to just do anything and say anything for the camera so they could do some special effects on him and one of the things he said was "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart". I can't imagine that combo of words is used to often except getting into Dev Mode on the PRE/Pixie. It also proves what a geek Nar is that, that is the first thing that came to mind when he needed to blurt out anything.

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    Umm, that is the famous Konami code. It's been around for ages before the Pre. Sorry mate!
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    Actually it's Konami code, pretty much the first video game cheat code ever.
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    See this article: Konami Code.

    That code is older than dirt my friend. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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    this thread made me laugh.
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    yeah, the code is basically some programmer's shout-out to gamers. it's been part of gamer/nerd culture for a loooong time.

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