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    Before the whole lot of you spam this thread, know I have tried EVERYTHING with regards to an MSN app -- and i mean EVERYTHING. I've spent tons of hours on this thing, doctoring, reinstalling, etc.

    Basically I can't get MSN on my Pre using the existing ways because my MSN contact list is too large. It therefore won't sign in.

    I have over 2000 on my MSN contact list easy. Has anyone been able to sign into MSN on the pre with a VERY LARGE contact list ?

    I wish I had msn on this thing
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    Good luck with that. Btw, the pre does NOT support MSN out-of-the-box...
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    I wish it did then xbox to pre messaging would be possible
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    a list like that would suck. *** is wrong with you?
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    2000 in MSN? Seriously? Pretty friendly guy!

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