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    I had to conect my instinct again, my Pre is not working.

    1. My camera stop working.
    2. The incoming calls register like missed calls, and it doesn't ring not once.
    3. I'm trying to help him with Webos doctor to make him new again but, webos doctor doest recognize the device. The same with webos repair. It says theirs no device connected.

    Can someone help. What can I do?
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    Did you try a full erase from the device?

    Last launcher page > Device info > reset options.

    Full erase will also erase your USB side data. FYI

    If you want to WebDr it, try this:

    1. Open up your Webdr
    2. Pull the battery on your Pre. Plug your Pre into the power supply from the wall outlet and push and hold the volume up button.
    3. A qustion mark will show up (?).
    4. While holding the volume up button, insert the battery.
    5. NOW the USB symbol will show on your Pre and the WEBos Doctor program will find the phone, and re-install the system files and clear all EPROM memory.
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    Thank you, when I get home I will try to do the second option because the first one I did it an nothing happen. I will let you know.

    Thanks Again

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