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    I have had my Pre since launch day.

    I have rooted her, patched her, doctored her. Added all the fun and dangerous stuff at some point.

    Her screen is scuffed with scratches and first-layer holes, the USB door fell off, a chunk of plastic broke off from next to the USB port, the outer edge bevels have a few cracks.

    The Oreo twist is huge.

    I can separate the top and bottom of my Pre about 2mm (enough to blow the dust out).

    And yet, she has never bricked and keeps on running strong!!

    I have thought of taking her in to have her replaced but I'm afraid I'll go through the multiple returns that many have had to do. So as long as she is kicking, I'm keeping her!!

    My Pre is like a Timex!!! hahaha
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    just wait till she gets older
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    I'm in the same boat pretty much. I have no "Oreo" - or not much at least - and I still have my USB door... but much of the rest applies to my Pre too.

    The one concern I have is a crack coming from the USB port... it's getting awfully close to the screen and if it reaches there, then I'm going to go in for a replacement.

    Beside that, I'm extremely happy with my Pre.

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