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    You need to buy a viper too and upgrade it...thats what I had to do.
    Sounds good, but it hasn't been available for me yet. Do the other cars get unlocked based on your points or where you are in the cities?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdesselle View Post
    Sounds good, but it hasn't been available for me yet. Do the other cars get unlocked based on your points or where you are in the cities?
    It depends on the car... when you go to the screen where you are able to purchase cars the game will tell you what you must do before you can purchase the car. I just played the run away race in the first and second islands to quickly gain money once you reach a good upgrade.
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    Purchased it the first hour. Finished the game in 3 days. Purchased all the cars and finished drift. Then after it said to best all records I said ok, maybe it go's to a new level. Well it was only $10.00 but it was to short of a game.

    And yes the Viper will be the best all-around car to best everything. Make sure you have all upgrades and then use it for the drifting too. Just keep the angle slight until you get use to it.
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    idk cars, but they are unlocked based on style points. I took a night and just kept earning money and points. So if I couldn't beat a level, I went back to the last highest paying level to save up for upgrades, or else a more expensive car, and the best way to get style points for me was the circuit races.

    I could only beat drift mode with the most expensive car in the game. I started the drift, then tilted in the opposite direction to keep from spinning out, then tilted slowly back in the drift direction to maintain the drift, but not far enough to spin out. Then you just maintain that balance, maybe rocking bak n forth sometimes, between spin out too far, and losing the drift
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    I used the GTR and normally get 7-9,000 pts per drift depending on the course. The trick is to link turns together; just that quick jolt (careful when playing around people as they'll think you've got issues) to the opposite way and your good. The closer you are to spinning out the more points, plus you can hold the drift even if the track is straight. On some of my best runs I started the drift around 156mph, and it'll eventually end by slowing down to 52mph. Any car faster runs the risk of going to fast and not racking up the points because you're not getting enough drift time from my observation.
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    I just drove what I had and kept it slow. Drifted as much as I could. I just drove them and passed them on the first try.

    Keep the drift as far as possible to rack up points as fast as possible.

    You can swap drift sides by twitch turning to the other direction.
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    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    id love to be able to get all of those high end cars i got a mustang but i cant get past the first level in the 2nd city because the app decides to close itself everytime in the first lap of the KO lap challenge
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    I had that problem. A partial erase is the only thing that fixed it for me
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