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    Sad night last night when i decided to toss an extension cord that just so happens to land right on the face of my month and a half old Pre So im getting ready to go to a sprint store to get it replaced (i have insurance) but am praying to god i get a new one and not a refurbished one seeing how its only a month and some change old. Any one think ill get a new one?
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    if they have new ones in stock generally youll get a new one.... i just replaced my Pre due to the speaker dieing and corner cracking and they had to mail order me one... It's a refurb but it works just as well as my day one
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    Since you broke it and it's not a manufacturer's defect, you're almost guaranteed to get a refurb.

    But don't worry, a refurb is just as good as a new one.
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    i know they are just as good but still lol. I've had my htc mogul replaced with refurbished ones 3 times i didnt mind because the phone was over a year old, but i just got my pre
    thx guys for the responses
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    sooooo even thought i have insurance they want me to pay $120.00 at the store or $100.00 through mail. hmmmm well anyways i called up sprint n all i got was $50 discount and billed to my bill.... this sucks i'm still pretty upset seeing how I've gotten my htc mogul replaced 3 times no problem with buttons missing, broken screen, hell even water damage (fell in toilet) and it was no problem. Now it doesn't cover cracked screens? I wonder if they sat around one day and thought:

    Hmmm most phones have touch screen and most cant have covers on the screen itself (to protect from impact) and we been getting a lot of broken/cracked screens..... YUP! take that out of insurance coverage.

    Sorry I'm just upset lost my job due to the economy and feel its ridiculous to have to pay MORE than what i paid for the phone to get it replaced with a refurbished one Does anyone feel my pain or am I alone?
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    Sprint changed their replacement program with their warranty service and now it basically sucks. They used to switch them out all the time and it would cost you nothing, i think Sprint got severely ripped off by that, seeing as I break my phone once a year doing something stupid and all my friends do, and **** some of my friends just claim they lost their phone sell it and get a new one with insurance to make money, so I see why they charge now and i don't have a problem with it. I think they should if it's your fault you break it. Most warranties don't cover user damage as part of them. At least you don't have to pay 550$ or whatever it is for a new phone.
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    That's true but the funny thing is the rep on the phone was telling the guy in the store they CANT charge me and they still wanted to. so the rep on the phone said since they arnt helpin u that they will discount 50 from asur-... what ever the insurance company name is lol so what ever 50 buck better than no pre at all and watch my GF enjoy hers.....

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