My parents have a 2-line 69.99 account. My mother would like a smart phone, and she kept showing me WinMo phones from VZW. The free ones (WinMo 6.1). Ugh! If she wanted that, then I'll just flash my kid's Moto Q9 for her.

But the phone will need data, which isn't available for her plan. A sprint plan would get them both a new smartphone, and be about $130 or so (with unlim data, 1400 mins shared). Right now they get 300 mins shared.

I can't figure out that same pricing with VZW -- because they ala-carte everything. Oh, you want data? It's this. Or maybe this. Oh, and you wanna text? Ok, you get 1500 msgs. What? That's arbitrary.

No, I love the simplicity of Sprint's pricing..