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    Clicking on a persons name will also show their carrier if they have added that to the User CP, but this way it's slightly faster I agree
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    Good idea, would be even better if Precentral could show the provider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Just a dumb idea:
    Given the fact we can expect a whole lot more multilogue on the whole Catalog issue, let's include location and carrier info:

    User CP > Edit Your Details > Location:Where you live

    That way it's easy to see what the poster's situation is, and if the post could apply to you. For example; UK O2 customers will experience different App Catalog issues (hopefully none) than T-Mobile NL users.
    Such a good idea!!
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    good one! I'm on t-mobile NL too btw
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDizzAR View Post
    good one! I'm on t-mobile NL too btw
    Don't see it in your Profile yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Don't see a carrier in yours either
    or is THREE a carrier?
    Yes it is! Added just for you.

    Actually it's Vodaphone/Hutchison 3 now, but that's too big.

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