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    Although not as often as before the 1.2 update, I still have this problem, and it's annoying. I can look at my Treo 700wx and consistently have 3 bars at home, but my Pre will go from anywhere between 0-3 bars sometimes. Even when I set it to roam only mode sometimes it will jump from 0-5 bars. Will Palm ever fix this? Is it even fixable? Is it a radio problem where no firmware update can fix it?
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    Mine still bounces around but I don't think it really effects the call quality. I can be sitting in my office with 0 - 1 bars and still get a call and have decent quality.
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    Whenever mine drops to 0 bars, I don't receive calls and calls I'm on will drop.
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    all the time. Device sits in one spot and jumps from 5 bars to no signal and back. As was prviously asked is this a hardware or software issue? If software, how hard to address?
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    I am starting to wonder about this issue. Could it possibly be that the programming on the Pre displays the signal strength in a much more fine grain manner than other cell phones?

    My daughter has an LG Lotus, we can sit our phones side by side and her phone will show 3 bars (and not vary almost at all) and mine will jump back and forth between 1 and 5 bars (seemingly updating once every five seconds or so).

    So, if all other phones do something like "average" out signal strength over a minute and display that, and the Pre updates with actual levels every 5 seconds, then I can certainly understand this.

    To be certain, I have had very, very few dropped calls, and the call clarity at my house (even when in the basement where I only get 1 bar) is excellent.

    Thoughts? Someone should be able to dig into the code and see exactly how the signal strength levels are being displayed.
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    Mine had gotten surprisingly good right after the update, definitely noticeable. Then 2 days ago it all of the sudden went to total crap. I go from 1x to EV and back every 20 seconds. I can barely use Pandora.

    I changed the phone to EVDO Only and I've lost connection about 4 times in 2 hours which is WAY less than I was going to 1x. Still irritating, but better than it was.
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    I used to get a solid 5 bars when I'm at work.. Now since the update, I get a consistent 3 bars. I also notice the moment I hit the call button after dialing, the signal now goes from 3 to 1 bars... And this is in an area where Sprint claims it has excellent coverage.
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    mine has always bounced around but I hardly ever had a dropped call I just quit watching the dancing bars and I am much happier.
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    I drop calls all the time in my living room (3 bars at start of conversation). It is very frustrating. It seems after an update or updating the Network or PRL that the reception is better for a few days, but then back to flopping around. Maybe its just PHX.

    The best signal is in the bathroom in the center of the apartment. So, if you hear a flush....
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    Should add that the EV and 1x bounce around all the time. Can stare at the screen for several minutes and see EV, but when I tap on Web it may drop to 1x or lose signal all together.

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