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    I am starting a development team to develop apps for the WebOS Platform. I am lookinf for people that are into the computer/developer stuff and would enjoy it.The Requirements are listed below.Also looking for Co-Owner and Development Team Management if that is the position please put that in the subject.

    1.Knows or is willing to learn the WebOS Platform
    2.Would enjoy developing apps for WebOS Apps
    3.Is a responsible and trustworthy person.

    Co-Owner gets 45% of sales at end of month
    Free work email
    Ability to expand to much more
    Development Team Manager gets 10% of sales at end of month
    More to come as we grow

    if you would like to apply please send an email to or

    UPDATE:All Developers working under my palm developer account and company name can keep 90% of the income except for company made apps
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