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    Since the last update my phone keeps messageing me that my password id invalid, although I can still text and get emails etc. Has anyone else had this happen after the update last week?
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    Do you have gDial Pro installed? I think I saw either that message or one similar to it yesterday when gDial would try to poll google voice for new messages.

    I retyped my logonid and password and the problem went away. Note that the logonid and password seemed to be working fine before then - it's not like it was entered wrong, but somehow it wasn't working. Reentering them seemed to fix it, though.
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    Check your IM log ins. I had the same problem after 1.3.5 Drove me nuts! I had an IM service with the wrong password that kept causing this text. Yes, my phone worked fine and yes, I could send and receive texts and emails. I got the answer here at precentral thank god!!

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