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    Hey Guys

    I've got Problems in seeing the landscape notifications, so they are basically not showing up....

    Anyone got the same problem?

    Thanks for the help
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    not working for me in landscape. Tried while in the web browser and in photo's. No notifications in landscape but as soon as you go portrait they are visible again.
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    Isn't that on purpose? Is the Sprint-version showing notifications in landscape-mode?
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    Yeah mine don't show up either, I thought this was something they added in this update. Doesn't bother me too much though, I can just flip the device and read the notification.
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    it was in the release notes

    "If the user is working in an application that supports landscape mode (such as Web or Videos), notifications now appear at the bottom of the landscape screen."

    Palm Support : Palm Pre O2 - Software update information for Palm Pre for O2
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    Yeah thats what I read as well, but apparently it's not working.. Anyone looked into that a little more in detail??
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    It worked for me today when I was watching a YouTube video and received an SMS, popped up fine.
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    I remember it not working when I upgraded to 1.3.5 but now it seems to be working fine.

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