Hello, i've noticed a strange problem happening to my O2 Pre (, i'm writing in this forum because i think is not related to localization but to webos in general.

Preamble: my "official" contact list is in Google and it's syncronized and up-to-date with my Pre.

Some days ago i've added a contact in my phonebook written as

(Sometext1) Sometext2

But when i try so search it on my Pre i cannot find it anywhere, i tried to search both Sometext1 and Sometext2 or browse the phonebook with no luck, but if the number associated with "(Sometext1) Sometext2" calls me i can see "(Sometext1) Sometext2" in the call log!

Later i modified the entry in "Sometext2 (Sometext1)" and now it's showing as expected... any idea? should i file a bug to Palm?

Thanks in advance