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    I love themes, but theres one thing that kind of annoys me. A lot of themes I like change the icons color. They don't however change all my icons. Like those I download from the app catalog or preware. Is there a way we could have something similar done to all my icons? I am thinking something akin to actions in photoshop. Say the theme I have has all black and white icons. Would it be possible for an app to desaturate the icons and add a white stroke to the icon? Or what about an app that did something similar only to apps in my launcher? I don't know if anyone else would like something like this, but I think It would be cool
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    I think it would be a great idea. However, I don't think this will ever happen. I doubt a theme designer is going to modify every icon for every app since, with official and homebrew, there are about 2000 apps.

    Maybe if every app developer uploaded their icon to a central location. A theme designer could then batch edit all of them to apply simple effects (like making them black and white). This doesn't seem likely though.

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