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    Hey all,

    I'm looking for some generous folks outside USA who can run the attached app real quick and tell me what 2 letter region code you see on the screen. If you could also say which country you tested it from, that would be awesome.

    The app doesn't really do anything other than show you a big 2 letter code on the screen. (e.g. US in America)

    Here is what I'm hoping to see,
    Canada - CA
    Germany - DE //Verified by prebus2
    UK - GB
    Ireland - IE
    Span - ES
    Mexico - MX
    Other countries - ??

    This will be a big help. Thx!
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    Germany -DE ok!

    All the best

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    That's awesome! Thanks much. The big one is out of the way!

    Since you are from Germany, could you tell me if you have been able to download the PayPal Fee Calculator App from AppScoop?

    Thanks again.

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