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    when i call someone or someone calls me the only way i can hear them is if i have the phone on speaker phone this is the 2nd pre that has done this why is it doing this does anyone have a fix the 1st one i took to the sprint store and they gave me a new one but i doubt they will do it again and i dont have the money to pay for a new one so does anyone know whats wrong with my phone please and thanks
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    It sounds like your stuck in headset mode, check out this thread for some ways to fix it.

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    but when i make a call it dosnt say im in headset mode idt atleast how do you tell again
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    Nice! ...this was kinda scary when it wasn't working.

    J Stuff36, I had the same situation last night and this morning..the Pre doesn't show it's on speakerphone or bluetooth headset, but like any call through the regular earpiece speaker. I did the trick where you play music with headphones in, then took it out quickly and in again, take out once more...kept hitting play if it pauses until I heard it loud on the speakerphone. Exit the app..and made a test call and works again. Talk about a bug! Must be caused when playing music and disconnecting the headphones while still playing or something. I won't try to replicate it

    For anyone interested in, here's the direct link to what wscates76 mentioned, thanks wscates76.
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    yea i did everything like that but it didnt work i cant get it to work will sprint give me a free phone if i cant get it to?
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    I'm not sure if they will or not. What happened to mine was that one of the contacts had bent up away from the other contact. I fixed mine by cutting off the cotton on one end of a q-tip and applying light pressure all the way around the jack to bend it back into place.
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    I had this issue a few weeks back- I even purchased my pre on EBAY!!! and when asked about it the sprint store still replaced it without question... However I do not know if it of consequence that I have the TEP on my account...?

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