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    Okay getting away from the ******** political comments that should be deleted from this thread before they cause a lock (trolls).

    Anyone see the article about the iPhone "apps" that are just unlicensed RSS readers (locked to a single content provider and branded with the content providers name)? And yes they are paid "apps" that the content "provider" gets no cut of, IIRC the Times version of these "apps" was rated highly by Apple as well. Ohhh and as of the article's writing the "apps" were still available for purchase from the "app" store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xvipx View Post
    Ok what I don't understand is why do we have to pay for most of these apps? Iphone and and Android have most of their apps for free. Our apps are not even close to as good as theirs to begin with. When are we getting real apps and are they all going to be pay apps?
    There should be a boot button instead of a thanks button for morons like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    Hey nothing wrong with kids writing apps. In fact, it teaches them good business skills..
    yeah! good business skills. like, make sure you get paid for work you do.

    BTW, i want to thank everyone for the sarcasm on here -esp when it got into the calling hoax w/out pics, and the zip file being too big. all i can say is roflcopter. nah...roflFIGHTERJET.
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