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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post

    I use the iPhone-Black-Launcher Theme.

    The iPhone Black Launcher theme seamlessly blends your display with your phone. The display now looks sharp and crisp. Many Palm icons are replaced with professional-looking iPhone icons.

    Also try the Black Launcher. It keeps the Palm icons but with a black background to match the phone.

    - Craig
    I once used the spider man theme for a day but do to lag and battery drain I removed it BUT just yesterday I tried the above iphone black theme and OMG I LOVE it! its super clean and fresh and its not deep rooted in code so it works well with all my patches and there is NO lag and NO battery drain! I didnt particularily like the whole iphone knock off idea but now I dont think I could not have it on. Its like a patch that i think should have just been the way the pre was made for example blink led notifications patch stil wonder why this wasnt just standard.. anyway i digress, now seeing that there is a basic black theme that uses the pre icons, i may give that a whirl just to compare since the only difference is the iphone like icons vs the pre icons. but the black background is a MUST for me now. you should try it b4 you knock it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripsbacks View Post
    Wow. I have lots of patches and try out themes regularly. I have never had a problem with either. issues with ANY themes in a long time. And I use patches galore. I always take all of that off a few days before the update is supposed to come out and The difference in speed for me is negligable to non-existent.
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    im actually afraid to. i have installed one or two just for fun but delete them within the day.

    i figure ill forget to go though the whole process of deleting before an update then i would brick my pre. my wife would kill me and yell at me for weeks (you dont take care of your stuff, you dont care, this is why i never buy you stuff etc etc.)

    i want to do patches too but wont for the same reason

    i am fine with the stock one really. but a good BUCKEYE theme would be a nice addition
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    the only theme I like to run is the Detroit theme. It just changes the launcher icon and the lock on the lock screen to old english D's. I like to have my own wallpaper and the few other full themes I used left remnants as well after removing them. So basically the patches are enough customization and I like the simple D as the only other change through the theme. I wish there were more themes that were simple like that. Seems like they all change so much now that I don't want changed. I'm pretty happy with palm pre theme and logos and icons and such.
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    Used to run simple black with texture, but since that stopped working well with, I stopped using it. I started making my own, wasn't happy with it (or the amount of work it would take), and just went back to default.

    Looking forward to simple w/ texture working again. That's a nice stylish theme that doesn't try to change things that don't need changeing.
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    I guess I'm just different, but after being a bit timid to install a theme, I now can't see myself without one. I like variety and having a theme gives my Pre an different feel, and also makes it unique. I started with The Original Blue theme and now I'm using the Space theme from prethemer. For those of you who have patches on your phone, I don't see the big difference in both cases you are running a script which is easily removed. So the one more thing to remove before updates argument, I can't buy. I have about 29 patches and removing a theme takes the same 15 seconds to remove as a patch or running EPR and removing all of them. I've been a Mac person for more than ten years and theming my computer was part ot the Mac experience. So I guess it just comes naturally to me. Plus I gives us a one up on iPhone users lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    I don't install any themes. I also turned off the feed for the themes in Preware. I don't really care for themes and they are just one more thing to undo at update time. Patches, on the other hand, I cannot live without!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    No themes here. Never even tried them. Never wanted them. Never understood the fascination that people have with them. I have a few of my own wallpapers that I rotate and I'm just fine with the stock icons and whatever other stuff the themes change.

    If I had a dollar for every thread I have read here about people having a problems with themes I would be rich.
    I agree, but wish the stock stuff was a bit more consistent. The phone dialler and lock screens come to mind. I don't really like the backgrounds for the task list either.

    The only theme I ever installed, simple black with texture, gave me a more consistent look, which I liked.
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    Confession: on my Pre I have no themes, no homebrew apps, and no PreWare
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpgiv View Post
    Confession: on my Pre I have no themes, no homebrew apps, and no PreWare
    Oh come on! We all know what's going on here. You haven't taken the Pre out of the box yet! No working Pre should be without Preware at least
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    I don't install any themes. I also turned off the feed for the themes in Preware. I don't really care for themes and they are just one more thing to undo at update time. Patches, on the other hand, I cannot live without!
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    No themes for me... I change my wallpaper about once a week or so, and I have patches out the wazzoo though. haha
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    No themes here.. just my own wallpaper!

    TONS of patches though
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    I've pulled a few elements out of two star trek themes and applied them by hand

    I have the unlock icon changed to the star fleet emblem and when you touch it the halo is instead the olive branches or whatever that is around them

    Also the phone app is black with a star fleet emblem in the background, I really dislike the default green

    I haven't changed any icons though

    I would really like to be able to change the font of the clock when locked, in 1.3.5 there are PNG's for each number and I was hoping to grab them from 1.3.1 and just replace them, but could not find them pre-1.3.5
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    no theme for me, switcharoo is great. wish it would change more often then 30min.

    new update does 5 min.
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    I don't use themes, because the icons on my Quick Launch bar never match a theme. I've manually changed backgrounds every couple of days, and finally just downloaded Switcheroo. Question: have folks found that Switcheroo drains the battery more quickly, or am I just imagining it?
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    +1 for switcharoo... I only installed a theme once to check out the boot logo. Then I though hmm I rarely reboot the phone and when I do its usually on the TS while its doing it or in its leather case so no need for the boot logo change.

    Also other than some really cool wall papers most either screw with parts of the phone I like that way they are messaging bubble BS na I'll pass goofy colored calculator nope. And most of the time they use stock colored text that gets washed with the new background, message bubbles etc and ruin the usability.

    So ya nothings beats no launcher with a banging background switching by itself.
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    If it wasn't for Buuf (the original) and Sticker, I wouldn't be running a theme.

    More than 1,000 themes in the gallery and a huge majority of them contain some major usability flaw (dark blue text on a slightly less dark fractal background...really?!) or are just flat out awful. Makes me appreciate good graphic design that much more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpgiv View Post
    Confession: on my Pre I have no themes, no homebrew apps, and no PreWare
    What? Why not?! Dude, you are SO missing out. Come on in - the water's fine! And while you're at it, here, have some Kool Aid. (Hmm, or has that reference come to mean join the Mac/iPhone crowd? Soooo not my intention here, I assure you.)

    As far as themes go, I fell in love with the Original Blue Theme from the first time I saw it and while I've checked out a couple of other themes, I always go back to the blue. After what 2sslow explained to me in another thread (which he reposted here in this thread), I've made some modifications to the original download. The Original Blue Theme makes two patches to two .css files: the calculator.css, which isn't a big deal because I bet there's hardly anything else that patches that file, and systemui.css, which could be a big deal because there are other patches out there that modify that file. Actually, the thing that's a big deal is that, as far as I can tell, it doesn't actually patch those two files, it just overwrites them without making any sort of backup first. So I've removed that from my version of the theme, and all that's left is a whole slew of .png files that make my Pre all pretty and blue. I figure having different .png files isn't going to break anything on my Pre, and if I decide to pull off my theme and something doesn't remove properly, that's not so hard to fix. I definitely wouldn't have to resort to the doctor for something like that.

    The other change I made to the original download is to the boot screen images. I know I pulled these off of Precentral months and months ago, but I have no idea who to credit for them. Whoever made them, I have to tell you, it just tickles me pink every time I reboot my Pre and get to see this boot screen.
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    No theme.
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