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    no themes for me, just wallpaper changes. The themes are nice, but I prefer the stock look.
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    I have plenty of patches, but no themes. I've read about so many people having problems with them, especially trying to delete them.

    I like the new app called Backgrounds. I've been changing my wallpaper every week or so.
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    I have a lot of patches, never had a theme. I just rotate pics of my kids and wife for my wallpaper. Every time I turn on my phone, I see the faces I most want to see. And no themes= one less thing to worry about when updating the phone.
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    I also have never installed a theme, tons of patches though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    I don't install any themes. I also turned off the feed for the themes in Preware. I don't really care for themes and they are just one more thing to undo at update time. Patches, on the other hand, I cannot live without!
    This pretty much sums up my preferences as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djmcgee View Post
    Also no theme. Not interested. I do change the wallpaper tho.
    Yup. Me too.
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    No themes for me... Lools like I'm in good company!
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    themes are good. it makes your phone looks better and stands out. my phone ran smooth unless im downloading multi things or got to many web based cards open. i know about the hard to switch back to the original theme but didnt care cuz i really like the color storm theme and i just changed a few things to my likes..also i always doc my phone when installing a new update so by doing that it restores my original theme. no big deal. but everyone has different likes and mines is including a theme. i also have 47 patches installed..
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    No themes here. Every non-official thing from homebrew made my Pre slower and slower. When my Pre was recently stolen I left the replacement in it's stock condition and it is very quick. I'd love to add some of the homebrew apps but then I think about my old laggy pre that I wanted to smash against the wall.
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    No themes here. I've never had good luck with skins and the like on other devices and just don't want the potential headache. Patches are another story entirely. And, my own choice of wallpaper with the launch bar hidden and the change-carrier-and-color patch makes my Pre look unique (and pretty!) enough, imo
    I ♥ my Pre.
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    No themes here. Never even tried them. Never wanted them. Never understood the fascination that people have with them. I have a few of my own wallpapers that I rotate and I'm just fine with the stock icons and whatever other stuff the themes change.

    If I had a dollar for every thread I have read here about people having a problems with themes I would be rich.
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    No themes for me either.
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    No use for theme when I have 400 wallpapers! Got a gozillion patches though!
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    ive changed everything i want to change without themes and i have turned off both theme feeds as well but im overstocked in the patch department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm not currently using a theme. I was using 'Night and War' as that's the only one I found that looked cool. Maybe I'll reload it.

    I do hide the launcher and have the 5x icon patch loaded now. I was using the 4x icon patch with 5 pages of apps but that got old fast. It's too much work to flip through 5 pages of icons.

    Page 1 of icons are my 'useful applications'.

    photos, contacts, calculator, clock, facebook, pandora, google maps, sprint navi, music remix, minimap, calendar, LED torch, email, and tweefree.

    Page 2 contains the lesser apps and games while page 3 contains the 'utilities' and 'crapware (amazon mp3, sprint icon, nascar and NFL).'

    It's friggin ******** that I can not delete NFL and those other apps from my phone. It's wasting memory that I paid for. If you want to bundle it to cut costs, fine... Don't lock it into memory tho. Running a patch to hide the icons of undesirable software is unacceptable. That's what delete buttons are for!
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    since when is a commonly used word meaning 'mentally challenged' a curse word? lol
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    I run a theme the wife runs a theme, usually change em when it's update time. I enjoy modifying things and making them mine. No to mention to my eye certain themes make the overall look look more finished or polished if you will.
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    Well, starting last night I can finally say I'm in the customization group! I finally got around to installing Preware and the patches are AWESOME! I did decide to go ahead and install a theme (Transformers) and though I expected it to lag webOS a bit more and be kinda unpolished, I was VERY wrong. Haven't seen the rest of the themes, but if they're anything like this one, I'm really excited to see what else is out there! I like the way webos looks, but being able to show off really cool graphics and functionality is really fun too. I'd guess after a few months I might get over themes, but for now I'm enjoying it.
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    I use the iPhone-Black-Launcher Theme.

    The iPhone Black Launcher theme seamlessly blends your display with your phone. The display now looks sharp and crisp. Many Palm icons are replaced with professional-looking iPhone icons.

    Also try the Black Launcher. It keeps the Palm icons but with a black background to match the phone.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by shamus_1976 View Post
    since when is a commonly used word meaning 'mentally challenged' a curse word? lol
    A word doesn't have to be a curse to be offensive.
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