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    I had said that before, but someone pointed out that the ifixit teardown clearly shows the RAM as a separate chip. In other earlier revisions of the OMAP3, it was directly on the chip (or so I read at OpenPandora), but apparently not in the Pre's version.
    Cool im gonna check that out thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    I wonder if TI had sorted out their fab issues with earlier OMAP3's and the Pre Plus now runs at 600Mhz.
    Pre = OMAP3430.

    TI now has an OMAP36xx series which is a die shrink from the 3430. So I'm pretty sure they've figured out any fabrication issues by now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rashad1 View Post
    Yeah, some "demo-er" was saying it was slightly faster but wouldn't give any exact numbers. I think the battery is the only thing in dire need of a major upgrade. All those features are useless without decent battery life, and replacing the battery is a hassle because that back cover is a b!+%h to get off.
    I dont know how you are taking off the battery cover, but I just push in the button at the bottom with my thumbnail.
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    maybe they clocked it t the full 600mhz and make the battery bigger to even out the added battery drain that will cause theoretically breaking even
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