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    Since I upgraded to the other day whenever I type a message, be it text or email or whatever, my Pre not longer capitalises the letter I, doesn't insert apostrophes and so on.

    This may be a simple thing to sort but I'm a newbie to all this smartphone stuff!

    Please help
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    I miss that too. This may help.
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    I don't get all the problems that guy has, only some like im instead of I'm. My auto corrects youre to you're but doesn't make an i on its own an I.

    Weird how different people have different corrections.

    By the way I'm running a standard Pre with on O2 in the UK.
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    I think it's good, for us non-english speakers it's been a pain in the ***
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    The auto-correct feature is embarrassingly bad but in some respects keeps me sharp.
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    Update -

    Decided to change settings to English-US from English-UK and it works perfectly! changes i to I, ill to I'll, youre to you're and so on! Can't find a fault with it! Tried changing back to English-UK to see if it was a glitch but didn't work

    Apart from making the spelling/grammar better does anyone know what else changes when you change the language?
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    I just made changes to the file suggested in the link I posted in post #2. Considering that the UK file is 90k and the US file is 45k, thought there would be more useful stuff in the UK file, so I just added to that.

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