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    Is it possible to log into my Palm Profile on two devices at once?
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    question I'm trying now, as I lost my pre and have aa pixi as an extra line, thinking if I alternate the backup it might work. I'll let you know as my replacement pre is in route
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    I don't believe this possible. My understanding is that you profile is linked to one phone at a time. That way, no one can log into your profile with another phone and mess your info up. Each profile is unique to a single user and a single phone.
    I get the concept, but I do wish it were possible, in case someone has two palm devices that they want activated. Don't know if I'm right on this, but I'm pretty sure it's correct.
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    Nope, it will not work. Have seen a couple of threads on here about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexweidner View Post
    Is it possible to log into my Palm Profile on two devices at once?
    No. When you log-in on the second device, the first device is forcibly logged-off, and needs to be rebooted (at which point it will no longer be logged in to the profile).

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    they sent me a broken replacement pre! The slider is attached to only 1 side of the phone! So haven't been able to see for sure if I can get it to work. Thinking I can just turn the backup off and switch it to gmail, won't know for sure but I had enough problems with the profile that I solved the problem! I don't use it. All contacts are saved in my hotmail and my gmail as a backup to my backup on top of my palm desktop and outlook. It just sucks it's not as easy as the pim used to be with.... Well PALM! Sorry the lack of true pim still irritates me to no end.
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