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    since my update to, i'm experiencing a strange issue: whenever i switch my Pre to Airplane mode (night, gym, meetings, etcetc) time freezes and is not upated. I already missed an alarm this morning (when i woke up Pre said it was still 00:17 - when i went to bed).

    Am i the only one experiencing this strange problem?

    German O2 Pre + Italian Wind SIM

    Moreover, if i try to switch on "Network time" & "Network timezone", the operation seems to be stuck and it goes to nowhere.
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    Too early to tel at the moment, but will report back here soon as I know
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    no, you're not the only one:

    apparently some mobile operators allow network time, some don't, some checks it more often than others, of course if you're in Italy (like me) that is just bad luck, nothing works...
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    I'm a Spanish pre user (Movistar), and I've found that I've network time in some areas, while in some others I don't I work just 20km away from home, yet I don't have network time at work, while my Pre updates perfectly at home. I've had to just disable the thing and control time manually...
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    Actually i noticed it was not only "airplane mode", my time was not updated whenever i left my mobile idle. Anyway, yesterday i removed preware (& the package service) from my mobile (just to do some tests with a clean system and submit a bug report to Palm), and my problem is gone. This morning the alarm rang at the correct time, and my Pre is finally keeping up with time. I had only Preware and a couple of small homebrews installed, but it seems the removal fixed my problem

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