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    not sure, if I am the only one who noticed this, but before, 6 out of 10 times Sprint Nav won't be able to figure out my current location (unless I restart my pre), it was more like a gamble<damn! it would fail everytime when I needed most>. But things have improved drastically, since last one week, not even ONCE sprint Nav had problem in finding my current location irrespective if I using wifi or 3g signal..any takers?
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    Yeah and it doesn't stutter anymore either when giving directions, that was pretty annoying in 1.3.1.
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    at 1st, the whole faceplate took me by surprise in didnt even know how to drive somewhere from my own location
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    Whenever I had difficulty with SprintNav findingmy location I would launch Google Maps and then go back to Sprint Nav and it would then find my location in an instant. Google Maps never seems to have trouble.
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    Finds my location but sometimes when recalculating it freezes and I need to turn it off and back on.
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    The only remaining problem I have with it is if you need to make a turn then a 2nd one relatively soon, many times she will tell you about the 2nd turn as you are driving PASS the street you were supposed to turn on!

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