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    After Doctoring my Pre I signed in to my Palm Profile but all of my apps were gone and I searched for the free version of Tweed but it apears to be no longer in the app catalog and I really need Tweed for the timeline marking abilities because I read all of my tweets. I don't want to have to enter credit card info so if any one has the .ipk of Tweed Free I would greatly appreciate it! Or if you know of any other free twitter clients that have the timeline marking ability please let me know.
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    (Not sure about timeline feature)
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    Quote Originally Posted by blz2 View Post
    (Not sure about timeline feature)
    Thats what I'm using in the meantime. But the timeline marking feature is a must for me.
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    So..... It's a needed feature that tweed has, and you like tweed....

    Why don't you shell out a couple of dollars and buy Tweed.

    Just sayin ! It doesn't exactly break the bank and sounds like it'd be worth it for you.
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    yeah.. support the developers
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    support the devs, or try spaz, if it's available in your country
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    As explained in his other TweedFree thread on this forum (dunno why he started two...), it's not that he doesn't want to put in a credit card #, necessarily, but *can't*....
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    ya twee free is great better then tweed loanscape mode has a way better interface and timeline and everything or spaz isnt bad as well but twee free is the bomb
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    twee free is available either in homebrew or app store. spaz is just app store.

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