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    Tragic story and well told. I am interested to see how it ends.
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    You should use the phone as advertised as a "river stone" and find Asurion and chuck it through the window, and make it somehow bounce off every forehead in that building knocking them all out. It should survive after what it's been through.

    Think, Batman's Batarang...

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    this thread is so entertaining

    sorry to hear about your troubles, if it consoles you at all, I'm having similar issues with Verizon, just horrible horrible experiences. I got the Droid, had to get it replaced due to hardware issues, my 2nd one had issues, and they wouldn't replace it for me. So I returned it so that I wouldn't deal with a defective phone for 2 years. I got the Pre Plus, that was defective as well. Tried getting a replacement, wasted 4 hours at the Verizon store trying to convince them to give me a replacement, they refused. I called the Verizon customer service several times, they were no help.

    Finally, when I emailed Verizon complaining about their terrible service, the email support team conceded to send me a new Pre Plus - but they sent it to the wrong address. So now it's being rerouted and god-knows-where-it-is. I'm still waiting for it to come while I push along this defective Pre Plus.

    I would do anything to switch out of Verizon for Sprint. Cheaper plans and I guess we really can't expect great customer service from these big corporations, so it wouldn't matter on that front.
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    refurb #6 .....hmmm well the slider is tight. no oreo at all! so tight though that it clicks each key up and down! locks each row, gotta wiggle it to get by the row of keys! and the battery cover doesnt fit on it cuzs the moron who refurbed it jammed it on without checking to see if the tabs were all the way in place. so yeah, defective. rep told me they have sent me the maximum # of replacements in a 12 month period, so i would have to go to a sprint store.

    i lost my temper, they sent me 3 defective products that could not be activated, so how can they be considered a replacement device???? (did not put it that nice.) told him i drive 2000 miles a year, and im not about to spent 70+ on gas to drive 120miles to go to a sprint store, send me to retention as i am sure i will not have an equipment clause, send me an email with the agreement attachment. he said i will send you to my supervisor, your prolly gunna get a new phone sent to you, this is rediculious, its been a month since you have had a reliable working phone.

    talked to the manager, said he just has to get the approval from his supervisor, and would call me back. waiting on that now.

    by the way, talked to palm and turns out the phone didnt even have h20 damage, its been a memmory issue, the gpu ram or rom whatever, it corupted and thats the problems, the keyboard light went away after i reset the profile, it grabbed a portion of a patch and thats all that was wrong with it! lol but the phone feels like its gunna burst into flames at times and smells like it too. it acts so weird, sometime it will come out of standby just to tell me "too many cards" when none are open. drops calls, recieves texts in algorithums, is not authorized to use sprint tv or sprint nav, just weird.... hoping this manager calls back soon and says here you go. not sure if i even wanna go the palm replacement route if he doesnt, might just cancel it all.....
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    got the new pre. It's perfect. No oreo, firm keyboard. No issues. This is awesome! God I love this phone, no corrupted memory issues, this thing rocks! Oh pre how I have missed you! Lol
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    Very happy for you, but sorry it took so long! Did you check the warranty date? (##786# on the phone dialpad if you didn't already know that. Heh)
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    Did you fix the hole in your floorboard by your stick shift? Hate to see you go thru all of that trouble again.
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    warranty date 12/21/09. It was appearantly a good batch. I'm so happy.

    the floor has not been fully fixed yet, I did make a plate and hung it up under though, just need to finish the assembly on it and put the boot on now. It's just so cold and crappy outside in ny, it just hasn't been on my top priority to go out and take the cap and the 37s off the truck, put lil 31s on it so I can get it in the garage. Lol I stuffed a towel in the gap tray I made though for the mean time. The draft was unbearable when it was highs of like 3 or 4 for the week lol been warmer this week so far though, I might get some ambition
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    Yep, my replacement phone was 12/22/09, so I'm also thinking there was a good batch around that time.
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    yyandrew, sorry you have issues with vzw, had a friend with vz who switched to sprint and is happy as could be about it. Hasn't had a problem and loves the service and PRICE. But know a couple people that left sprint for vz because of service issues. It happens. Qc control on cellphones is just a joke now adays. It's not just palm. They all have issues. The main problem is when a machine gets outta spec it takes awhile before anyone notices so alot of bad ones hit circulation. Cheaper for the companies than checking each device. Sucks.
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    so I been playing with this phone a couple hrs now and just realized it shows 3 to 4 bars better service. I always thought my pixi just had a stronger radio than my pre, but man this is just leaps and bounds better than the last one. Data screams compared to the last one which was much faster than the pixi but this thing destroys the pixi. I am so happy. When I get home, I'm gunna have a red stagg toast to palm on stepping up build quality! Lol
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    lol so I have been loving how awesome it is to have a fully working device and well it's just funny I can show off the phone and it never screws up! Lol it works perfect and I am loving it lol
    got a call from sprint informing me that if I contine to tether they with start charging me, responded I don't tether! Lol I actually use the phone that much lol

    also since I had them on the phone I asked how I was suppose to send the old phone back since I never received a return kit, said they would sent one out.
    following day 4 return kits arrived lol
    day after 2 showed up, sat another lol

    hahaha I don't even know what to say to them lol
    either way I am deciding weather or not to get a 3800 bat since I go through 4-5 of the regular ones a day now, lol multitasking rocks!
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    Welcome back to the wonderful fun!
    Blaize, Mistress of Verbosity

    Be nice until it's time to not be nice.--Dalton, "Roadhouse"
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    then again I have 3 ts so I should prolly stick with what I have or step up to a couple of the slightly bigger ones that are ts compatible.

    Either way webOs rocks and thanks guys for none of the ''after that many I would switch to'' troll talk, we're here on this forum for a reason, we have a device named the ''pre'' can't get much more beta than that lol

    lol, seiously though, best os out there currently, period. I liked what my wimo phones could do, but hated dealing with the ui, loved pos but it had aged. Tried andriod but it just felt like a more stable version of wimo, still dislike the ui. Iphone I never liked.
    webos hands down best ui. And it seems the hardware has gotten better. With the updates coming out as fast as they are I'm stokked to see what webos has evolved into in another year!
    people continue to complain about the update process is too slow, all I have to say is try the other side of the pond and see you again soon.
    3 friends of mine have left the pre and and sprint, 2 are back to sprint, 3 are back to palm.
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