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    O2 Unlocked,
    New profile,
    Doctored 1.3.1 and fresh install,
    Preware 0.9.16

    When I try to install Facebook Application from Palm App Catalog Feed in Preware, App Catalog Card automatically opening and I'm getting this error message:

    This application is not available in your country...

    Is there any way to solve this issue or install Facebook to my Pre any other way?

    Thanks in advance
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    can you not install it directly from the App Catalog instead of Preware?
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    I can't access App Catalog. Getting classic error : The action could not be completed. Try again later...
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    It's essentially this problem:

    Since Preware now includes App Catalog feeds and not only Homebrew stuff, if you hit Install on an App Catalog item, then you will get the
    This application is not available in your country...
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    is it a paid app? cos keep in mind that paid apps & usa only apps are now showing up in preware which we can't use intill march
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    I don't know why free apps aren't made truly "global" and available to all Palm customers. If they are not country specific why the geo-filtering?
    Android does not do this and free apps are available to all.
    Inaccessibility to free apps only irritates and alienates us.
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    Not paid apps. Can not access any free apps in app catalog via Preware or App Catalog directly.

    BTW, yesterday i can not access App Catalog main screen. I'm getting an error: The action could not be completed. Try again later. But today, I'm browsing EMPTY App Catalog categories. But there is no any apps yet
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    Yep, the app catalog is back to working in so far as you can at leats start it up without it telling you to get back on later. Now we only need for them to make it so that we can actually get to the apps as well

    I wonder: If a person that can access the apps go to a country where most users can't (one that isn't actively supported) does the apps go away then?
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    I hope this will be fixed soon. It is ridiculous to release a phone that cannot install the apps that you can see...

    What is this about April. Where did you hear that things will change then?


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    What Palm people said at CES:
    Firstly; Update 1.4 to "every Pre and Pixi on the planet". That's good news!
    Secondly; In March "great apps to all 7 markets"; That means Telefonica Spain, O2 UK & Germany, Telcel, Bell, Verizon, SFR, right? (Check, it accepts phone numbers of those countries only) Not so good.
    ROW = "rest of the world", like me, don't hold your breath for App Catalog to fill up any time soon. I wish I were wrong!
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    the default facebook app is pretty crappy, get friendsbook
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    the default facebook app is pretty crappy, get friendsbook
    The default app is not an app. It is the mobile version of facebook and yes it is indeed crappy especially now that FB have decided to have two feeds and the mobile app has only the one called "news feed" rather than the one called "live feed" which is much more interesting and contains 80% of the status updates...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Lemstil, rest assured, there's ways around that.
    Hi Tomi

    1. What will happen in march with the App Catalog?
    2. If there where ways around the regional blocking of content, why have they not been implemented a loooong time ago?

    Best regards

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    I definitely hope they are not going to disappoint the rest of us ROW guys/gals by going for only the release markets. That would suck big-time.

    Physically place myself and the phone in the region???

    Thanks Tomi

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Sign in to your Pre with a profile from an accepted region.
    That is, if they don't open up the Catalog to all GSM users, which is very possible still and all this is speculation. Guess we'll have to wait.
    But I thought that using another profile, would wipe my apps and data, if they where not in the new profiles profile.

    And moving back to my old profile, would again wipe the changes from the prior temporary profile.

    Have I missed class on this one?


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    I was just having this last week - i had not been able to use the app catalog since the last update. Then the phone suddenly said I was no longer logged into my profile - and forced a reset. When it restarted, apps that I had previously been using could not re-download and several of them said "not available in your country" - - took sprint store 3 hours ( phone refused a webDr reset by me and the store ) - once they finally got it restored to an older version, I could app catalog just fine .. then the phone forced the current upgrade, and I still have the app catalog, but I no longer have the messaging app now ...

    Good Luck! try re-signing into your profile ( for the app catalog )
    smiles for your day ~ pixielee
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