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    Hi all.

    Just saw some strange behavior on my Pre.

    It was fully charged overnight. Took it off the Touchstone this morning and came in to work. All was fine for about 2 hours (very light use). Then I suddenly get the low batter alert (phone is about to shut down). So I simply shut it down and turned it back on. Now the battery is reading correctly (near full charge).

    Has anyone seen this before? Is it possible my Pre simply has some sort of faulty battery meter or something?

    Just doctored a few days ago so no homebrew or patches installed at the moment.

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    problems like that can generally be solved with a restart so nothing out of the ordinary
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    Quote Originally Posted by taharka View Post
    Search the forums, there are a lot of people with this behavior.

    Those were just the two latest ones found...
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    Yes this is happening to many of us
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