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    i have recently installed a couple different themes on my pre the first was a minnesota vikings theme which made my camera icon a favre jersey, i decided i didn't like it so i got the hero theme w/ live calander, but after installing the camera icon is still a favre jersey. There are also other things that did not change, how can i fix this?
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    Did you uninstall the previous theme before putting on the new one. I have had icons stay as a previous theme even after uninstalling it. At the time I used the webOS repair utility. Currently though it has not been updated for the current webOS.
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    yes i uninstalled the previous one first, i tried using webOS doctor last night but it didn't recognize my phone. thanks
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    did you turn developer mode on before pluggin in your phone to your computer to do webdoctor?
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    uninstall your theme check to see if it goes back to stock you might have to uninstall twice if that doesn't help go see the doctor.since it didnt recognize your pre try a restart and it should recognize it then.
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    no i did not turn on developer mode, i will try that tonight after work. thanks all for your help i will let you know how it goes
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    well, just got done running the doctor, put it in developer mode worked great. thanks again!!!

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