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    I love reading through some random article and seeing the Pre mentioned in the same sentence as the other major phones. We really are turning heads people!

    Sirius XM: The Beginning of the End? | Media | Financial Articles & Investing News |

    Just an article about pandora in your car stereo for the TL,DR crowd.
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    The Pre only got 4th billing which made me kinda' sad:

    "Through Pandora, users can access tunes via their Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile phones"

    Then I realized the list was in alphabetical order, which made me kinda' happy.

    Then I realized if everyone uses alphabetical order we will never get mentioned first, which made me kinda' sad.

    Then I realized thank goodness our phone's name doesn't start with "W" like Windows Mobile, which made me kinda' happy again.

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    That was an interesting read. I subscribe to Sirius XM mainly for talk radio such as the Opie and Anthony show and ESPN/Fox Sports, however if i want to listen to music, I'll normally use another application for doing so. It would be nice to get a Sirius app for WebOS like there is on the iPhone.
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    I bet that language came right from the Pandora press release, which would of course mention the Pre. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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