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    Hi there folks, today is the 1st time i have paid any attention to my pre for a while so i have been runing 1.1.3

    i have seen that a newer version is available so i removed all patches etc and went to the updates icon. It tells me that version 1.3.1 is available to download which i am in the process of doing. However i see everyone here talking about version 1.3.5???

    i am in the uk btw can anyone advise me?

    thanky muchly
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    ok please can somebody offer some guidance with this point - after about 10mins of installing 1.3.1 the screen went blank and wont turn back on

    it wont register a connection with the computer so i guess its some kind of power faliure. Do i pull the batt? what should i do? run webdoctor?
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    rite well i cant run webdoctor as it the comp doesnt recoignise it cos its off
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    pulled batt in the end, continued installation after putting it back in. now i can update to job you were here chaps

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