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    I just had a question, you guys/gals out there who had to replace your launch day Pres with refurb Pres, have you noticed any differences in build quality? Mainly the rail mechanism being sturdier?

    Just curious, thanks.
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    maybe a little sturdier but not by much
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    My mid-October refurb Pre is rock solid compared to my launch day Pre.

    But my launch day Pre probably had 5 or 6 drops onto asphalt or concrete, while I've managed to not drop the refurb once so take that anecdote with a grain of salt.
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    I had a launch day pre that had a power button failure about a month and a half ago. Been using a refurb since. Honestly, I can't a difference between the refurb and my original pre. I didnt find my original pre to have any build issues (well other than the power button failing).
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    I got a refurb with dead pixels in the middle of the screen. I plan to take it back and ask for another one. I feel like the slider is slightly sturdier. Buttons also are also springier.
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    I had a solid launch day pre that eventually developed issues with the volume rocker and I have had two refurbs since that are both much worse that the launch day pre was. Every time I use the back gesture when the phone is closed the screen wobbles and twists. It drives me crazy.
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    Dropped my launch day pre at the end of Nov and got an Aug. build refurb. Like night and day! Didn't realize how crappy my original was until I got the solid refurb. No oreo, just feels overall sturdier and works great!
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    i just got a refurb..i got lucked out of a sturdy slider..this is a little looser than my old one.
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    Got mine about a week after release day and got it replaced 2 mos. ago due to sticking ear phone jack. Was really upset that I got a refurb, but it's been great. A little better slider, but not much. I had no problems w/ original and the refurb seems fine.
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    just got my 4th replacement...less wiggle overall, otherwise still a rockin' phone...that keeps getting better
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    I just got a refurbished Pre last week and the build quality is a little worse than the Pre I had previously (replaced due to Power button failure).

    There is a significant amount of room in between the two halves of the phone when closed. You can hold it up to a light and see right through to the other side, also there is now a bit of "play" between the two halves, when you press against the ear piece part on the top front of the device, you can sort of "see-saw" the top half against the bottom keyboard/battery part of the device. Quite annoying.
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    damn Will, they should but you in QA.

    My fourth phone and its my sec refurb. Feels alot more solid than the lunch pre for sure.
    Hope its my last...
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    I bricked my launch day Pre messing around with overclocking patches.
    First refurb had bad Oreo and a stuck orange button.
    The second had a totally washed out screen. No color to it at all. I returned it after I went next door to a Starbucks to examine it.
    The third had bad Oreo.
    I demanded a NEW Pre and got it. Warranty date code November. The space bar has no click to it at all (like mush), and the keyboard illumination is the worst of all of them (each had different keys faded out). Although it had no Oreo in the store, after I applied a screen protector it did. I suppose I rubbed it too hard attempting to get out the air bubbles. I made it worse by foolishly trying to bend the rails and tabs.

    I went back to Blackberry, but still have the Pre. I just got fed up. I see the Pre Plus still has the bottom lip that feels the same as a plastic milk jug cap. Maybe the Pre 2...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lenmac08 View Post
    just got my 4th replacement...less wiggle overall, otherwise still a rockin' phone...that keeps getting better

    just got my 5th
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    I absolutely HATE THE REFURB!!!!!!!!!!! I have no choice but to stick with it, (unless I buy a new one).....

    My launch pre was perfect, until the lock button got stuck and wouldn't function properly. Anyway I got a refurb and it would randomly scramble different pages into each other. So I took it back, and I got my 2nd refurb and it was extremely slow and about 2 days later had 5 dead cells in one they switched it out, I got my 3rd replacement phone and the slider wouldn't "slide" up, it would jam at the third row up where you had to give it an extra push to be able to see and use the top row of keys. So we switched it out and my 4th one, was just as bad as the other problems, only worse, the ripple effect you see after you tap the screen would be completely off and it would tap on random icons and open up stuff I didn't want to open and then freeze. It would charge, show full and die after approx. 5 minutes! It sucked, anyway, now I have the 5th one and its ok, the only problem I get constantly is the email credentials or email password problem and it happens about every 15 minutes, its annoying, but I'm just going to keep this one. The Sprint store is about 20 miles from my house, I'm tired of driving out there so often.
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    My other half ran over my launch day with Bmw Power seat, track marks across the screen. Refurb felt the same, maybe slightly looser slider.
    Both power buttons a bit on the mushy side, compared to a friends.
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    First refurb. Besides the blemish on my top left screen and the sometimes clickless spacebar, the pre is sturdy.
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    Mine is quite sturdy. Much better rail mechanism in my case and it just felt better built. Just FYI, I had a launch day Pre as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galavanter View Post
    I demanded a NEW Pre and got it. Warranty date code November. The space bar has no click to it at all (like mush), and the keyboard illumination is the worst of all of them (each had different keys faded out).

    Mine is similar in these regards. I'm extremely fussy and easily get obsessed with things, and the spacebar is doing that to me. My first pre all the keys were like this, and it was fine. It's the inconsistency.

    And my backlight is slightly patchy too. Oh well... better than other things that could happen.

    I'm moving on to Pre Plus as soon as a qwerty GSM is available, so maybe it'll be a little improved?
    For now: Nexus One | iPad 2
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    I think I am on my 4th pre (still love it). Except for one that had a large oreo effect to begin with (3rd), each has started pretty good and got slightly worse with time, although not too bad. I have been pleased with my latest which I have had for several months now.
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