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    I was reading about how some people were reporting issues with precorder and since recording was coming, so I decided to remove it.
    Removed precorder first via preware followed by the streamer....

    Thats when crap went bad....

    Right after I removed the streamer, the dang phone reset....fine I thought until my brain caught up to realtime and realized that the video "melted" or faded away like something got toast.

    Once I saw the palm logo again, it started to loop, each time doing a nasty fade.

    I tried the usb mode and doctored damn luck. Left the battery out for a bit...nada...

    Crap, anyone else had this issue....this is my 4th phone, and lucky for palm not my last lol (looking forward to 1.4)

    Either way, All i did was remove a damn app!!!
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    WOW! sorry for your pain. You have done what I would. So best thing I can do to help it "bump" you back to top of list.
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    sweet jesus! The damn phone is beast lol. Left it with battery out during a movie. Went back and popped the battery back in...did the crap cycle again...I thought, what the hell, I hit opt+sym+R at the logo and boom! It was alive again! Lol.

    I did notice how nice and streamlined palm made the restore/profile logon. Asking for passwords one at a time. Polished. Also surprised to see that all my files and apps were all there!

    saved me a trip to sprint and any possible begging for a 5th pre lol

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