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    Ever since the 1.3.5 update, I get an alert in the notifications area; it has yellow trianlge with exclamation point and says "Messaging username Password is invalid..." This usually occurs after I hang up from a phone call although it does it randomly too, like out of nowhere in the grocery store today. When I unlocked the phone it showed the little text message bubble in the notifications area. If I tap it, it opens the text message app but there is never an actual message there. So I can't get past the "..." to get more info. I am logged in to my palm profile, gmail, etc. Anyone have any ideas??
    Sorry if this is something totally obvious that I am overlooking. I am just getting so sick of the text alert sound going off all the time for no good reason.

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    It's an IM program login. If you get/make a call, it has to log out if you aren't connected to WiFi so that you can make the voice call. Once you hang up, it automatically tries to reconnect. If your reception goes in and out, the same thing happens.

    So check the logins for your IMs. One of them is stored incorrectly on your Pre.
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    I had this appear when I restarted after upgrading to 1.3.5 for a while. I eventually deleted all my IM profiles, AIM, and two Yahoos, and it went away.

    Aw Mo beat me
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    Thank you, Thank you!! That was it! I knew it was something simple. I had already checked my IM log in, but must have gotten it wrong that time too! Man these alerts were driving me nuts!

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